Commercial Properties

Our property managers are prepared to handle commercial and mixed-used properties. We will make sure your property is managed efficiently and effectively generating the returns you deserve.

Supervision of Staff and Maintenance

We will work towards fulfilling maintenance requirements which include retrieving approvals prior to expenditures and seeking qualified tradesmen that have proper insurance coverage. We will also supervise the work performed on site so they are completed on time.

Financial Management and Administration

Our team is experienced with preparing financial statements, operating budgets, and other financial matters including receiving rent and making payments so that your financials are in order. We are also experts at drafting lease documents, handling lease negotiations, and arranging strata documents.

Future Planning

We will discuss the future requirements for your commercial property and develop effective business plans in preparation for future capital projects.

General Commercial Property Services

We offer 24-hour maintenance emergency services so we are able to respond to problems at any time. Moreover, our team will deal with legal issues and attend hearings on behalf of your property.

Insurance Coverage

We are able provide insurance at competitive rates and comprehensive coverage so that risks are mitigated and your commercial property is protected.

Full commercial property management solutions.

Find out how we can maximize your returns and plan for future success.

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